• Devices that are Stylish, Sleek & Discreet.
  • CO2, Distillate & CBD oils that are Potent & Chemical Free.
  • Flavor that is Natural, Rich, Smooth & Consistent.
  • Products that are Reliable, Dependable & Guaranteed.

The Nano

  • All-in-one pen that is disposable AND rechargeable!
  • Small pen, big clouds
  • Ceramic cell coil
  • Filled with 1/2 or 1/3 gram of oil
  • Reliable, guaranteed device
  • Rechargeable battery lasts as long as the oil
  • Free of PEG/PPG/Glycerin
  • Nano-sized molecules for an elevated experience


The 710

  • All-in-one pen that is disposable AND rechargeable!
  • Smooth, consistent draws & flavor
  • Ceramic cell coil
  • Filled with 1 gram of oil
  • Reliable, guaranteed device
  • Rechargeable battery lasts as long as the oil
  • Free of PEG/PPG/Glycerin
  • Nano-sized molecules for an elevated experience


RĒL Cartridges

  • Ceramic cell coil – New!
  • Smooth, consistent draws
  • Compatible with standard 510 threading
  • Nano-sized molecules for an elevated experience


Rechargeable Battery

  • Universal 510 threading
  • Preheat setting for ambient temps below 70°F
  • Long-lasting, variable voltage battery designed with 3 different levels of intensity to choose from.

GREEN (default) setting – 3.3 volts BLUE setting – 3.5 volts RED setting – 3.7 volts



  • Available with distillate or CO2 oil
  • Mess-free & reusable
  • Calibrated for precise dosing
  • Optional titanium dab tip available
  • Nano-sized molecules for an elevated experience

Strain Specific

RĒL is extremely selective in choosing high quality genetics to ensure that our oils are always clean, natural and potent.   We produce strain specific extracts using processes that are designed to capture and enhance the natural aroma, flavor and effects of each strain’s unique terpene signature.

RĒL Technology

The RĒL exclusive multi-stage process includes CO2 extraction technology and a proprietary finishing process that utilizes chemistry, physics and nanotechnology to maximize the bio-availability of THC & CDB compounds.   The result is consistent potency, rich natural flavor and a more intense, longer lasting experience.


RĒL Cannabis strongly believes that cannabinoids and terpenes work together, making it important to preserve the terpenes to maintain the integrity of the full plant profile.   RĒL oils offer pure, full flavored potency using pharmaceutical grade CO2 Extraction Technology, without the use of additives, solvents or chemicals.

Cannabis Strains


Sativa strains are known for an energetic, uplifting and cerebral high and are most frequently suggested for combating fatigue, depression and mood disorders.



Indica strains deliver a sedating, relaxing, full-body high and are often recommended to help relieve symptoms associated with insomnia, loss of appetite and anxiety.



Hybrid strains offer many combinations of Sativa and Indica genetics, and are considered as having a “balance” of effects, offering a blend of what both have to offer.


The RĒL Difference

The Real Problem

Vape pens and cartridges have been historically inconsistent, with many customers complaining to dispensaries of devices that leak, batteries that fail, undesirable chemical taste and harshness. Lacking better options, consumers often have no choice but to purchase unreliable vape pens and cartridges that offer a mediocre experience.

The RĒL Solution

RĒL Cannabis is an innovative line of vapes and cartridges that are reliable and consistent. From our forward-thinking packaging to devices that have been engineered specifically for reliable and consistent use with our oils. RĒL Cannabis sets itself apart as the exceptional vaping experience that customers have been seeking.

The RĒL Innovation

RĒL Cannabis uses high-quality devices and utilizes nanotechnology in its oil formulations. Our products have also been uniquely packaged in a reusable base that ensures optimal performance during the life of our products.

"Hits super smooth, like a dab, and tastes awesome."
Sharon W.

"I didn’t expect a product to be so impressive straight out of the box. RĒL was."
Vanessa Soza - Magnetic Magazine

"RĒL Goliath is the pen to use when you’re wanting to enjoy a quality, elegant high."
Stoner Magazine

"The draws are as long as you can handle. Effective as a 2-4 second pull or longer for stronger effects."
The Burning Bush Podcast

"The Goliath is the most impressive vape experience I've had to date. The weight feels full and balanced in the hand and the build quality is undeniable. It travels well, has great battery life, and the base built into the packaging is a nice touch. A very classy high!"
Christopher R.

"Pulling on it is basically effortless, quality is so on point it just as well passes for an orgasm, and above all else, device functionality is remarkably masterful."
Vanessa Soza - Magnetic Magazine

"Huge plumes of smoke are guaranteed. The oil in the cart had Great taste and never a burnt flavor."
The Burning Bush Podcast

"Cannabis connoisseurs will enjoy a consistently smooth vaping experience…"
Stoner Magazine

"This is the vape I’ve been looking for."
John A.

"Every hit, big or small, is one of unabashed clout and top notch potency."
Vanessa Soza - Magnetic Magazine

"The strain itself and the effects were stupendous. The potency is perfect for killing pain, staying active and functional."
The Burning Bush Podcast

"My friends and I just tried the Goliath for the first time, and let me just say... it's amazing!! Super smooth, delightfully potent, and the device allowed for huge pulls."
Tom L.

"It’s only a matter of time before RĒL Vape begins to dominate the market as one of the lead brands in the game…"
Vanessa Soza - Magnetic Magazine

"Out of all cannabis products I’ve tried, this pen is working the best for my MS. I have noticed a difference with having less seizures and pain from my MS."
Stevie M.

"I'm just excited to puff puff pass my good experience on and point y'all in the direction of checking out the Goliath for yourself. It will blow your mind!"
The Burning Bush Podcast

"This is the bomb. It’s the best I’ve ever tried."
Mick B.

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