How do I store RĒL Vape?


  • For best performance, store in an upright position whenever possible.
  • We’ve included The RĒL Base reusable device stand with our Rechargeable and Goliath Pens, to make storage easy and convenient when not in use.

What to do if the device is not working?

We take quality control very seriously, and make every effort to ensure our products work correctly. However, there are a few simple reasons that the pen may not be performing as it should.

Try the suggestions below to get the pen working again.

  • Cold temperatures: Place in pocket, close to body or on the RĒL Base at room temperature for 10-20 minutes.
  • Make sure oil is at the base of the cartridge by placing pen in an upright position for at least 5 minutes before use.


If it’s still not working? We stand behind our guarantee, and we’ll replace it.


  • As long as you are legally qualified to use cannabis products (subject to your local legislation), a full product replacement will be honored at any dispensary that stocks our products.
  • Please send feedback to support@RELcannabis.com if you have any issues with our products, so that we can fix the problem immediately.

How do I exchange a LIFETIME BATTERY?

If you purchased a variable voltage rechargeable battery with Lifetime Replacement, all dispensaries that stock our products are authorized to exchange your battery. You must bring the battery to the dispensary for the exchange.

Are you over 21?


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