Big Green Machine, Inc. (BGM) is a Nevada corporation that was formed in 2016. The BGM founders are Dale Dowers, who serves as Chief Executive Officer, Richard Burton, who serves as Chief Operating Officer, Jack Monahan, who serves as Chief Technology Officer, Mark Fields, who serves as General Counsel, Sabrena Peterson, who serves as Director of Marketing, Michael Bourseau, who serves as Director of Operations and Patty Smith, who serves as Controller.

The BGM executives bring decades of knowledge, experience and expertise to the company, including national operations, legal, sales, marketing and finance. They have private/public experience, raised high yield debt, and have participated in successful joint ventures with Wall Street banks, hedge funds and public pension funds including CalPERS. The BGM principals have collectively closed over $4 Billion dollars in transactions.

BGM will use the investment capital being raised in the attached Private Placement Memorandum to fund the purchase of initial inventories, acquisition of equipment, marketing, SG&A costs, equity placement and legal expenses. We are launching our Oregon operation under the name of Oregon Oil Technologies, LLC (OOT), with near term plans to expand into other western states including Washington, California, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. A national footprint is our goal as we build the RĒL line of products as a unique brand within the industry.

BGM is the manufacturer and distributor of RĒL vape pens and cartridges, which are produced to the highest standards using innovative and proprietary processes. After extensive market research, including numerous focus groups, BGM believes it holds a competitive edge in delivering flavor, potency and consistency. The ultimate goal is a national brand with a full line of products and accessories. Forward looking, the exit strategy for BGM shareholders is an IPO upon federal legalization.

Mission Statement

“BGM is on a mission to be the recognized leader in the vape pen and cartridge sector of the global cannabis industry. We are focused and committed to becoming the premier national brand of cannabis oil products through science, innovation and commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products and providing excellent customer service.”

~BGM Management~

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