Magnetic Magazine – MAY 31, 2017

A comprehensive review of the vape pen that packs a powerful punch!
By: VANESSA SOZA – MAY 31, 2017
When I first wrapped my fingers around RĒL Vape’s Goliath pen, I immediately understood what all the buzz was about. The connection between it and its name, besides the more obvious descriptor— its size—turned out to be its overall strength and quality. Oxford defines the word “Goliath” as a person or thing of enormous size or strength, and I know it seems ridiculous to claim I could tell just by holding it, but for first impressions, Goliath really held its own. It felt amazingly durable against the pressure created by my grip and the black-matte finish appeared smooth and sleek. I rolled it around on the palm of my hand for a minute, over and over, a full 360 degrees trying to get a RĒL feel for the model. At the top of the cartridge, just directly beneath the mouthpiece, read GG (Gorilla Glue) in white bold.

During the unboxing, I couldn’t help but think how more companies should follow by example. Upon inspecting the clever packaging, I noticed the pen came equipped with a reusable, recyclable base stand that simultaneously acts as a base for the bottom end of the packaging itself (making this vendor an environmentally caring one) and the charger for a 20 watt battery, which I later dumbfoundedly discovered was inside the base. Its main priority is to keep your pen in an upright position in order to prevent leakages, but its use goes beyond that. If a company is concerned enough to heed waste so ingeniously, there’s a good chance they applied the same meticulous level of attention to detail in the actual engineering of the pen. The more I studied it, the more convinced I became of its potential.

I turned to the internet (the ‘place’ I often turn to when questions are agape in the mind) to corroborate my intuition with facts, but when I finally did I received so much more than positive confirmation. What I got instead was a glimpse into the future. Goliath cartridges come in 1.25 gram and 2 gram volumes and can be refilled after complete use. Its build is a robust ceramic, glass, stainless steel design with a metal casing that guards against breakage. It’s wickless and compatible with the industry standard 510 threading.

Furthermore, RĒL Vapes are developed with nanotechnology, literally the manipulation of MATTER, “to maximize the bio-availability of THC and CBD compounds.” Uh, what?! NANOTECH. There are actually people out there playing with matter so that dab heads like us can get even higher. Could this be the beginning of a new trend in the world of vape tech? I certainly hope so, but we’ll have to wait and see to be sure.

When it came down to giving it a whirl, I nearly coughed myself into an early death. I laugh to myself thinking about it now because in a way I guess I didn’t expect a product to be so impressive straight out of the box. RĒL was. Pulling on it is basically effortless, quality is so on point it just as well passes for an orgasm, and above all else, device functionality is remarkably masterful. After a while, I realized you don’t need to pull full-force or for very long for a good time. Every hit, big or small, is one of unabashed clout and top notch potency. The proclaimed ‘chemical free’ extraction produced a focused, clear, longer lasting high than I’m used to and the loud crackle-pops the oil makes when you press the button immediately triggered childhood memories of simpler days spent shoving by far too many Pop Rocks in my mouth.

RĒL Vape currently offers cartridges in Gorilla Glue, Bubble Gum Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Papaya, Dogwalker OG, Jilly Bean, and a creation of their own, a 70% THC hybrid blend called Cascade Calamity. On average, the Goliath battery runs a total of 1560 seconds, roughly translating to half an hour, give or take. Actual battery time will vary person to person depending on the duration of each user’s draw. Testing parameters were set at four second puffs per 15 second rest periods in between, resulting in approximately 300 puffs out of the box and 400 to 430ish puffs after a full recharge. If I may intervene, though, my experience with the battery outperforms said parameters by quite a lot. If you’re the kind of person who can remember to turn off your vape pen, conserving your battery goes a long way with RĒL. I’ve yet to charge it once since I received the Goliath more than a month ago. It’s a complete beast on all fronts. It’s only a matter of time before RĒL Vape begins to dominate the market as one of the lead brands in the game, alongside veteran companies like Evolvd and Select Strains.

With that, I can sinceRĒLy say for myself that RĒL Vape’s Goliath is indeed the RĒL deal. Find one at a shop near you or die wondering. To beginners, this product is not for you, at least not yet, so don’t die trying. You’ll get there. One day.

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