Stoner Magazine – June 9, 2017

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RĒL designed their vape pens with the serious vape enthusiast in mind. They offer disposable, rechargeable, and premium Goliath models. Cannabis connoisseurs will enjoy a consistently smooth vaping experience short of any leaky cartridges, battery fails, and harsh chemical tastes that often accompany cheaper vape pens and devices.

The Goliath model is engineered with a quick heating stainless steel coil. Simply, hold down the button for five seconds and the cartridge’s wickless technology is ready to deliver a full bodied flavorful experience. The twenty watt battery is easily rechargeable via an included micro USB cable. If you’re looking for a high end product that can be used on vacation and then discarded, their disposable model comes with a one time use battery.

Both the disposable and rechargeable models come with a RĒL Base; a reusable and recyclable, upright vape stand to store your pen while not in use. This helps to keep the oil in optimum position so users receive a consistent dose with each draw.

Cartridges come in 1.25 gram and 2 gram sizes. Designed with a ceramic, glass, and stainless steel casing guards it against breakage. RĒL’s multi-stage process of extraction includes CO2 extraction and nanotechnology to produce a rich natural flavor that’s intense and long lasting.

RĒL curates a selection of sativa, indica, and hybrid boutique strains for those seeking an experience with a savory taste and specific effects, negating the need to sort through hundreds of strain profiles. I was given a sample of Gorilla Glue; a smooth hybrid strain, which delivered a euphoric feeling that enabled me to feel relaxed while still remaining focused on my work. At first the pen delivered a heavier hit than I was expecting. With just a bit of practice I learned how to take just enough to achieve my desired effect.

RĒL Goliath is the pen to use when you’re wanting to enjoy a quality, elegant high. The sound and vapor emitted from this pen is on par with other top brands. While it’s not obnoxious, it definitely draws attention to the fact that you’re consuming cannabis. If you desire a stylish experience in a more stationary, private setting, this bulkier design is just the right fit. If your circumstances require discretion however, my suggestion would be to pack along the smaller more conspicuous options offered by both of RĒL’s disposable and rechargeable models.

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