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RĒL Vape Goliath Pen Review

June 9, 2017 | Becky Garrison

RĒL designed their vape pens with the serious vape enthusiast in mind. They offer disposable, rechargeable, and premium Goliath models. Cannabis connoisseurs will enjoy a consistently smooth vaping experience short of any leaky cartridges, battery fails, and harsh chemical tastes that often accompany cheaper vape pens and devices.

The Goliath model is engineered with a quick heating stainless steel coil. Simply, hold down the button for five seconds and the cartridge’s wickless technology is ready to deliver a full bodied flavorful experience. The twenty watt battery is easily rechargeable via an included micro USB cable. If you’re looking for a high end product that can be used on vacation and then discarded, their disposable model comes with a one time use battery.

Both the disposable and rechargeable models come with a RĒL Base; a reusable and recyclable, upright vape stand to store your pen while not in use. This helps to keep the oil in optimum position so users receive a consistent dose with each draw.

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