The Burning Bush Podcast – May 7, 2017

The Goliath by @relvape
By: zoewilder  theburningbushpodcast

Simple out of the box function. There is no doubt about this. This is a new type of vape pen. Long term life on the cartridge mixed with long term function & durability. Stealthy and easy to use on the go. All indications point towards it looking like a tobacco vape. Will fool almost all haters. This thing burns consistently and clean. No inconsistencies like the basic Betty vape carts on the market.
The draws are as long as you can handle. Effective as a 2-4 second pull or longer for stronger effects. Be mindful, the battery will not stop until you stop it. Huge plumes of smoke are guaranteed. I got a kick out of my peps going full chola and their eyes expanding in such a hilarious way when they puffed like a damn full sized dragon. Thankfully no one went night night too quickly. The oil in the cart had Great taste and never a burnt flavor.
A cool feature is that it comes with a reusable stand. Handy and safe storage. A must!

The battery life is unreal. I can’t claim another brand that comes close in Oregon.

The other thing I love that the battery will last the life of the cartridge. The cart weighed in at 2 grams! Not having to changed it out or charge the battery in between has been convenient for me.

The strain itself and the effects were stupendous. It’s marketed as a relief hybrid and it does the description justice. The potency is perfect for killing pain, staying active and functional. I’m just excited to puff puff pass my good experience on and point y’all in the direction of checking out the Goliath for yourself. It will blow your mind!

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