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Hands on with RĒL Vape’s Goliath

July 6, 2017 | Ryan

Heaviest Hitter Yet
Most vapes on the market have a draw like pulling a milkshake through a stir stick. The Goliath, on the other hand, delivers a hard enough hit that even seasoned vets hit it wide-eyed. Catching me barely holding back a cough. Truly, the Goliath surprises. Holding down the button and drawing on the mouthpiece you can hear the magic, pop! the Goliath’s vapor chamber heats up in an instant and vaporizes the included oil into thick voluminous clouds. Looking to challenge this heavy hitter, we used it in place of a bowl. Strain-specific bong hits at the press of a button. Then another and another, did I mention the supreme battery life? I’ve been marveling over this for a few days now and it’s still delivering thick hits without a recharge.

We’ve finally reached the point where technology and desire are intersecting. Every year we see portable options approaching the pieces we relax with at home. The Goliath is the best option I’ve found yet. This isn’t some holdover pen to get you through the workday. This is very similar to what a rig delivers without all of the fiddly torches, qtips, burning hot quartz or sticky hard cases to pack it all away. Instead, the Goliath comes with a simple base to aid in charging and keeping the oil upright and in the optimum position. Easily locks with a button press so no worries of oil or battery wasted in your pocket. Preloaded Cartridges with the Co2 oil of your choice.

Attractive to boot
The Goliath, built from tough plastic with a glass cartridge and stainless steel innards, feels less like a toy and more like a tool. It has a nice heft in your hand and the button construction and battery placement are all intentional and feel nice. It rests simply on its own but the base is a nice bonus for charging, which is as convenient as anything else that charges with USB.

Instead of going on about the easily available clouds the Goliath can produce, I’ll just urge you to search one out and give it a try. I think you need to be surprised by this handy gadget to really wrap your head around what a leap in tech this is over most cartridge pens. Follow the smoke signals and find these and their preloaded, exchangeable strain-specific cartridges hitting shelves all over Oregon.

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