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Episode 6: Empowerment in the Industry

October 27, 2017 | Stephanie Kerns

Our sixth episode is filled with amazing examples of women and femmes who have faced struggles and challenges, and have leveraged their experiences to change the lives of other people. The cannabis industry provides unique opportunities to translate life experience into professional, and we are so lucky to be involved. That is why we open with discussion about how to support one another, and call attention to an upcoming event that is meant to educate and empower, Budtenders and Terpenes.

In the news:

– The wildfires in California caused major financial devastation to cannabis farmers

*To contribute to CalGrowers Wildfire Recovery Fund, go here

– A case that could disrupt the Maryland cannabis industry may go to trial

– Kentucky governor says if he’s in office, cannabis will never be legal in the state

– Snoop Dogg’s venture capital firm is leading the investment in a cannabis tech company


Blunt talk:

Because of all the media attention surrounding sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood, we talk about harassment in cannabis. In a relatively new industry, poised to be dominated by women, femmes, and non-binary folks, we have an opportunity that is rare.



  • We start by interviewing Ashley Manta, creator of CannaSexual®, about how cannabis can help people recover from sexual trauma and other barriers that exist for a multitude of reasons.
  • Next, we talk to Jessie Gill, founder of, talks about her experience as a nurse and pain management specialist, and how being a pain patient changed her mind about cannabis.
  • Finally, we talk to Stephanie Kerns, REL Vape Ambassador, about how cannabis changed her life both personally and professionally, and she tells us how she turned major struggle into an awesome career.

Listen here…

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